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Only uploading coz no one seems to be able to make a good remake. As close as possible and does actually looks like the real one. Not hating, but the other one that got uploaded isnt similar at all. Hf


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Posted on 12.11.2013 / 21:23

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you are tha best

Posted on 13.11.2013 / 10:42

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thanks bro

Posted on 13.11.2013 / 13:55

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Posted on 13.11.2013 / 15:45

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I fail to see how mine "isn't similar at all".. Also, twice you've talked smack about mine.

Both are similar in their own way, if you're going to make yours out to be the holy grail and no one else can compete with it, then you're pretty far up your own rear.

Posted on 13.11.2013 / 18:06

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You gotta be colorblind if you don't notice how yours is like "all red" and hasn't got enough contrast. Also there're some other mbl settings which you are missing that make yours LESS similar. Not saying it's bad, it's just not that great.

Posted on 13.11.2013 / 18:46

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I'm not colour-blind, all monitors have different colours/settings, yours must be set higher for saturation than mine if you're seeing mine as Red rather than the darkish brown. Also, contrast in the CC gets ruined by YouTube, YouTube adds extra to darker areas making them un-watchable, hence why I compensated and held back on a lot of contrast. That, and I'm not a huge fan of heavy contrast, makes the map(s) seem ugly, I prefer clean contrast. But that's just personal preference.

Like I said, both are similar to the original in their own way, I didn't make mine to contend with anyone else's. I made it to give the users what they were requesting, you seem to have made yours to out-do the others.. Correct me if I'm wrong there, just seems that way as you're making sly comments about my version in the description(s) of your uploads of this

Posted on 13.11.2013 / 21:54

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If you render a clip in uncompressed .avi and then compress it to .mp4, Youtube won't change anything at all. Also I'm using a benQ on default settings, means that it's perfectly calibrated (but also has higher saturation in general compared to other monitors). I've asked multiple people, they all said that yours is too red and under-contrasted. Especially if you compare your Backlot SS to a scene from the real movie... (does probably sound like I'm hating again - lol).

As I said, making you think that I'm hating on you or on your remake wasn't the purpose of this upload. I uploaded this for people who wanted the CC of I3, because IMO and also from some other people's opinion, yours wasn't THAT similar. It's still good on its own way. I just took yours as a challenge, to see, if I could make a better one. Thought it would be nice, if the people who want this could get a "better" remake. That's all.

I don't care if you believe me or not. Uploading this wasn't meant to out-do yours. Just to give the people another CC they could try, if they don't like yours. Sorry if it sounds like I'm hating again or if I sound a bit arrogant, but that's just me.

Posted on 14.11.2013 / 3:24

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Posted on 18.11.2013 / 21:22

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