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Five-Seven from Counter-Strike : Global Offensive


Uses MW3's Five-Seven animations with modified ADS anims.
Tweaked the weapon file to make it close to the weapon from CS:GO.
Includes the original sounds of Five-Seven from CS:GO.



Valve: For making CS:GO
johndoe: rigging, animations, additional texture assets
Tom-Bmx: Lime & Lemon


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Looks nice. I thought about doing CS:GO weapons, but looks like you have them covered.
If you ever need showcase videos at a higher FPS and quality, you know where to find me.

Posted on 04.04.2015 / 3:12

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yeah that would be really nice since it takes lots of time for me to render and upload the videos because of my computer and connection speed. thanks for considering

Posted on 05.04.2015 / 1:15

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More of a custom model than skin but whatever
Love the anims though

Posted on 12.04.2015 / 21:02

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@maggy, yeah i know. i messaged the admins about it but they tend to respond very late apperantly.

Posted on 15.04.2015 / 4:52

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Missing ads_up

Posted on 25.08.2015 / 18:23

i'm aware of it. i tried to fix it but stopped trying since i couldn't get a response from the admins.

Posted on 05.10.2015 / 0:17

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