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F1 compass height
F3 light off/on
F4 specular off/on
F5 tweaks off/on
ARROWS tweaks
MOUSE 4 toggle fps 250 333
MOUSE 5 toggle fps 125
MWHEELDOWN gun bind...its not macro its not script.,,its gona luck diferenr from killcam and spect...if you use on 125 you can block your self on spot some time...if you use on 250 or 333 from spect or kc its gona look like macro but its not
MWHEEL UP weapnext or use number 2
BIND E double switch
BIND 4 smoke/flash


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go clean your cfg before you upload

mwheeldown still disallowed bind still same thing as macro just because it's not as fast as other macros doesn't mean it's not
double switch is disallowed too you can't play with this in pro scrims.

the rest of disallowed cvars/commands you will find it when you check your cfg

Posted on 04.01.2019 / 23:49

wtf are you talking about I use this cfg on every mod on every srv so stfu and use the brain before you comm somethin

Posted on 07.01.2019 / 17:27

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go learn about the game and before you upload something here you need to check it...i won't insult u like you did to me...just can't understand why you upload something and talk you know everything about it when you don't know anything open your stupid notepad++ and check these commands in your cfg like i did


i think you are the one who needs to use his brain and hold his tounge alittle bit...most of the public servers doesn't have pb or when they have it's weak...if you went to private servers with good pb you will get kicked and generally you won't be able to play any tournaments or lans with shit cfg so you need to clean it (if there is any lans or tournaments you get in )
weapnext bind is illegal not allowed check every thread about it on CG
the mwheeldown bind still a deagle script it was made for faster deagle it was made for making stupid ppl who doesn't have any fingers shooting faster so yeah it is fkn illegal
before you replay with any shit go clean it unbind the illegal shit you have,don't get triggered or mad cuz there is anything for u to say ok ?

Posted on 08.01.2019 / 20:35

True about what kimokam, cfg full of shit..

Posted on 08.01.2019 / 20:40

ofc I didnt use this cfg for private srv...this was just my pub cfg hahahah.... so I dont even use my old cfg...this was made just for fun pub cfg was similar to paradox war cfg that I use for privet jou just get here and comment about something like I give a shit about cvar and some other shits in 2019 ahahaha come on stfu donwload if you want if you have prob... with this cfg go to next one...ty

Posted on 09.01.2019 / 13:38

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Posted on 28.02.2019 / 22:29

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