Black Ops animations

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compiled by me
huge thanks to sViix


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lmao you compiled these when they already exist since like 5year lmaooooo

Posted on 04.03.2020 / 11:36

yes I am fully aware of it but I never came across any published mod of it so I thought that it would be good for the community to give it out

Posted on 04.03.2020 / 12:05

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It would be nice to be able to put those effects on promod! Good job!!

Posted on 08.03.2020 / 4:06

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any way to remove my rating? accident...

Posted on 08.03.2020 / 15:11

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Really nice man been looking for something like this for ages, do you think you would make a version with a bot mod? I have one if you would like to compile them

Posted on 13.03.2020 / 19:44

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