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cod4, configs, bartzz's cfg, bartzz cod4, configs, bartzz's cfg, bartzz cod4, configs, bartzz's cfg, bartzz

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 Author: bARTZZ
 Uploader: ii flag bARTZZ
 Website: http://cfgfactory.com
 Uploaded: March 6, 2011, 1:35 pm
 Last DL: 2 days ago
 Traffic: 418.04 GB
 Weight: 41.63 MB
 Downloads: 10282
 Tags: cod4, configs, bartzz's cfg, bartzz
  • Currently 8.27/10

8.3/10 (138 votes cast)

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File description

This CFG has a newer version, check it here

it flag mAAmu on March 06 2011 15:33:39
in config this command "vstr nameofit" doesn't exist :S

hr flag 000000 on March 09 2011 10:06:58
n1 cfg but i have problem with mouse sensetivity.it is always going to zero.How to solve that?

sa flag 1Soul1337 on March 13 2011 17:51:42
hmm bartz how i can install textures pls smiley ur my man smiley

au flag EthnicX on March 15 2011 09:19:18

ve flag 88blanche on March 15 2011 18:44:13
nice ak74u u can upload this aku?

us flag mosje on March 21 2011 20:34:50
how to install the textures? i forgot :/

pl flag Pietras on March 24 2011 10:13:43
<333 this, stable 125fps on ultra shit pc <333

de flag xxxxbostonxxxx on April 13 2011 21:15:32
i have a problem...i have the german version
can u try to upload the iwd for the german version also??

cy flag ReMiiX on April 29 2011 16:13:06
Dude why doesnt r_specular 1 work?

hr flag DiX on May 15 2011 12:43:10
xfire ?

hr flag izak on May 20 2011 16:29:58
what a nice cfg.so many scripts.i like it smiley

hr flag EX1LE on May 28 2011 23:57:50
how to install textures?smiley

it flag YaTzU on June 23 2011 09:45:08

ru flag hEZ0 on August 15 2011 13:39:23
n1 configs! without the skins would have been better

cz flag dynamic on August 16 2011 10:31:38
Downloaded: 4049 times by 432 users. LOL bARTZZ mad, wanted to have most downloads smiley Just kidding

hr flag Schodar on September 01 2011 18:18:43
well, I can throw a grenade so much

na flag rEzfUd on September 08 2011 20:44:25
omw 4500 download's smiley bartzz lol

eu flag UBISOFT- on October 05 2011 16:24:56
its scope cfg ? :-)

cz flag mickeyj on November 15 2011 16:08:00
UBISOFT ://// It isnt config for spec, u must have SKILL & AIM for good scope smiley)))

us flag payne on December 14 2011 02:58:15
this cfg... is sexy... i went from 125-140fps? on promod to like 250 in alot of areas on my crap laptop xD, i can do strike flower bounce and strike barrier bounce!! smiley thanks for uploading this!
-note if you dont like the ADS speed do /sensitivityzoomedin and you can change it smiley also dont like the double switch right before you zoom in? go to controls>combat then toggle aim key: or aim key: and change it there smiley buut good CFG!!! highly recommend it

us flag payne on December 14 2011 02:58:47
fail i ment crash barrier bounce smiley

gr flag Stranger on December 27 2011 08:57:40

pt flag jjnf on January 18 2012 10:17:37
works as fps config? is it legal for example at esl?

ca flag irockxstackz on January 29 2012 14:25:35
i get a mouse sensitivity error every time i aim in it goes back to 0

dk flag DeXxY on February 19 2012 11:42:40

hr flag dizzzy on February 25 2012 09:23:18
nice cfg smiley

us flag MadDog on March 01 2012 20:07:39
Tanks x999 you crazy man wow!

pt flag ivan1998 on March 24 2012 17:19:49
i have the same problem how i solve that problem of the sensivity..0.5?

eg flag Moustafashady95 on March 26 2012 02:26:36
n1 but smiley

de flag gott on April 08 2012 14:22:57
hey help pls with the sensitivity reset all the time =(

ua flag sWap on April 12 2012 18:38:09

gr flag orestistz4 on May 08 2012 19:27:10
the best by the best!!!smiley

hr flag soldek77 on May 19 2012 21:03:48
How should i put this cfg in game ?

br flag gabrielboga157 on June 02 2012 21:18:40
alguem pode me passar link das texturas ? obg

hr flag Schodar on June 17 2012 23:17:00
gj man smiley

pt flag Candeias777 on August 09 2012 20:32:04

pl flag Napster4life on September 06 2012 19:33:35
lolololol? how? wtf? xd

tn flag Badeend123 on November 01 2012 17:18:32
are texture undetected ?smiley

ir flag jervis on November 22 2012 13:33:06

au flag Kemikool on December 12 2012 03:59:18
The skins are from the server, Netsky Promod.

al flag kristikora1 on April 23 2013 19:19:37

Enjoy!: )

de flag HAM on June 23 2013 18:53:46
seta wallhack "0"


gb flag LilWayne on August 24 2013 15:01:25

ir flag Gta007 on December 20 2013 00:29:42
it s wery wery goood

ir flag kAskAA on December 25 2013 14:22:22
BeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeST  smiley smileysmiley smiley smiley

lk flag podiwadda on January 24 2014 16:03:51
how to set mouse sensitivity ?? its getting reset everytime  smiley

ba flag muro54 on May 04 2014 20:12:15
n1 cfg thx (:

gr flag panos738s on June 06 2014 22:41:09
you are going too far with this... smiley

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